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Weddings are expensive. And bachelorette parties are no exception. But finding cheap bachelorette party destinations on a budget can help mitigate some of the costs involved without sacrificing the quality of the celebration. These destinations have great options for affordable accommodations and low-cost or free activities to do enjoy your time.

To help save money at your destination, consider booking an Airbnb instead of a hotel. This way you can shop in bulk for food, wine, beer, and whatever else you plan on needing to celebrate the bride-to-be. Instead of partying at bars, stay in and play games at home. During the day, go for group hikes or walks on the beach.

Not on a budget? Check out the overall best bachelorette party destinations in the U.S.

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Awesome, cheap bachelorette party destinations when you’re on a budget:

  • New York City
  • Point Pleasant, New Jersey
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Mexico City or Riviera Maya, Mexico
  • Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Cheap bachelorette party destinations

New York City: So many free things to do

Okay, we admit. New York City might sound counterintuitive when it comes to cheap bachelorette party destinations for those on a budget. But for those who live within driving distance, the amount of fun, free things to do in the city makes up for the cost of accommodations.

Especially if you’re sharing with a large group, there are plenty of awesome, affordable options for Vrbos right in NYC. That way, you can eat some of your meals at home and save costs. Otherwise, it’s possible to score rooms directly in the center of Manhattan for under $200/night which fit 4 adults per room. For 8 people, staying 3 nights, that’s only $150 per person for the entire stay.

Once you’re settled in at your Airbnb or hotel, the options for cheap and free activities in NYC are endless.

Affordable activities in NYC for a bachelorette include:

  • Enjoy wanders through neighborhoods like Chelsea and the West Village
  • Spend some time exploring Central Park.
  • Museums like the Natural History Museum and The Met are pay-as-you-can (though we always recommend supporting them with the suggested admission costs).
  • Visits to the 9/11 memorial, South Street Seaport, New York Public Library, and Wall Street are also free of charge.
  • ;oFind awesome happy hour deals all over the city to still indulge in some of the amazing food and drinks in New York.

All of the things that make New York City a good budget bachelorette destination are true for other large cities, like Chicago, San Diego, or Seattle.

The Jersey Shore: large rentals on the beach

There are plenty of options to rent a large house on the Jersey Shore (think 8+ bedrooms) for your entire bachelorette party. Plan on spending between $50-$100/night per person if you have around 8 people. When the main cost of your bachelorette weekend is awesome accommodation, it allows you to stay in, play games, watch movies, and enjoy yourselves without ever leaving home and spending money.

Renting a home will allow you to cook most of your meals or bring a picnic with you to the nearby beach or boardwalk. Consider staying in Point Pleasant, a small town with a boardwalk and white sand beaches. When you don’t feel like cooking, take a group walk to Burkes Market in Bay Head for coffee and sandwiches. For a night out, enjoy live music at Jenks Pavillion on the boardwalk.

Depending on what part of the country you live in, you can mimic the beachfront house experience at your nearest shoreline- lake or ocean!

Las Vegas: Girls party for free

If you know you’re going to be partying a lot, Las Vegas is surprisingly a great option for bachelorette party destinations on a budget because girls get in free to most nightclubs and events. During the day, enjoy pool parties with world-famous DJs or go for walks down The Strip. Plus, Las Vegas is one of the only budget bachelorette destinations where you may even win your money back!

Not to mention, flights to Las Vegas from all over the country tend to be incredibly cheap with frequent deals offered by airlines like Southwest, Frontier, and American Airlines. Set a price alert on Skyscanner or with Google Flights to get notified when prices drop with any airline and nab a great deal.

Mexico City or Cancun: Cheap eats or all-inclusives

The capital of Mexico is a great option for a bachelorette party destination on a budget. In fact, Mexico is one of the cheapest countries to visit this year.

Flights tend to be affordable from all major cities in the United States. Great apartments can be found using Airbnb in popular neighborhoods Roma Norte and Condesa. Once you’re there, you can enjoy all the awesome restaurants and bars while spending half of what you would in the United States.

Alternatively, consider heading to the Riviera Maya and staying at an all-inclusive resort where you’ll only pay once for accommodations, food, drinks, and activities. Options are available for under $100/night per person. In addition, check out our favorite swim-up rooms in Cancun so you can enjoy the pool at your doorstep.

Want to get more off the beaten track? Discover these hidden gems in Mexico for your bachelorette party.

Lake Tahoe: Enjoy the beautiful outdoors

Gorgeous Lake Tahoe makes for a laidback, enjoyable weekend in the mountains with plenty of options for free, outdoor activities. Grab your girls and go for leisurely hikes and bike rides or bring kayaks or paddleboards and enjoy some time on the water. In the winter, a cabin in the mountains can be a cozy option for staying in and enjoying all the fun bachelorette games with wine and takeout.

Not near Tahoe? Look into your nearest lake, river, or mountain spot where you can enjoy all the free outdoor activities your heart desires. Finding cozy places in nature are some of the best bachelorette party destinations on a budget.

If you do decide to explore Lake Tahoe, consider adding a day for some bachelorette fun in the Napa Valley.

Still can’t decide? Here are some more fun places to go with friends.

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