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The Ultimate Group Trip Planner App

Planning a getaway with family or friends and looking for a trip planner app to help you figure out the logistics? That’s where Troupe comes in. There are endless details that go into planning a group trip. Coordinating flights, arranging transportation, and figuring out accommodations can feel like impossible tasks with multiple people involved.

A group trip planner like Troupe allows you to consolidate the planning into one place. No more endless email threads or constant texting back and forth with questions about the itinerary.

What is the Troupe group trip planner app?

Troupe is a travel planning app that makes group travel easy. Troupe’s intuitively designed app allows group travel planners to seamlessly coordinate, plan, and book group trips all in one place. From voting on the destination to sharing flight bookings, Troupe helps everyone in the group quickly and easily communicate all things related to the group getaway. 

Bachelor parties, girls trips, family reunions, couples’ getaways… you-name-it. Whether you’re flying, driving, or walking to your destination doesn’t matter. Troupe is designed to help with the logistics, no matter how big or small. 

So how does Troupe work? Check out these features.

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Troupe trip planner app features

Troupe was built off the massive demand for a seamless, efficient group travel planner. The app was developed and perfected based on hundreds of hours of interviews with travelers from all walks of life. 

This taught us which things that are most important to group travel planning, like an easy voting system to figure out dates, destinations, and accommodations, for example. 

So what are the primary features of the Troupe group trip planner app? Check them out:

1. Itinerary all in one place

Troupe isn’t just useful prior to travel. Once you’re on the road or at your destination, Troupe still offers all group travel members the ability to quickly reference the information for all activities.

No more “Where and when is dinner tonight?” text messages for the planners to field from the whole group. Group members can all just open their Tripsite in the app or online and see for themselves.

So how do Troupe’s easy group travel planning features work? 

2. Voting system in the trip planner app

Getting everyone to agree can seem impossible at times, but Troupe’s group trip planner app gives everyone a voice and allows all group travel members to clearly see the results of polls. It helps ease the frustration that can come from getting people to agree on things.

It’s the ultimate group travel planner question: “Where should we go on our group trip?”

And while it may lead to stressful discussions sometimes, it’s also one of the best parts of planning a trip.

Troupe helps take the stress out of destination selection with straightforward voting. Choose your destinations, set them as options, and all group members can log on to vote for their favorite. 

And we all know there are so many more decisions to make once a destination is chosen (or even before, depending on the order you plan group trips!).

Figure out when to travel by letting group members vote on the dates that work best for them. Once everyone has voted, you’ll be able to easily see the dates that work the best for the majority of the group. 

Voting is available for accommodations and activities as well.

An iphone showing the Troupe UI with a screen that shows the voting results for a VRBO that has been suggested for a group trip

3. Deadlines/Reminders

Troupe also helps you implement deadlines and reminders. The app allows you to send out reminders or quick nudges to group members, taking the pressure off the planner and easing everyone along throughout the process. 

4. Sharing Information

Say it with me: All your confirmation numbers are in one place. Everyone’s flight numbers for easy tracking. Hotel reservations with the booking name, phone number, address, and all other important info. 

In addition, you can share a list of possible flight options and see what others have booked. As a group, this helps minimize waiting around at the airport and makes it easier to consolidate pick-ups and drop-offs. 

5. Booking your travels

Troupe doesn’t just help with planning. Once you’ve voted on your favorite accommodations and found your perfect hotel or Vrbo, go ahead and book it directly on Troupe. No need to even open a new browser window.

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What is the best trip planner app?

Troupe is the best trip planner app to help you plan and organize group travel all in one place. You can share options for flights, accommodations, activities, and more while allowing group members to easily vote on their favorites, keep all itinerary numbers in one place, and more.

Is there a vacation planning app?

Troupe is an easy-to-use vacation planning app that allows you to collaborate on the planning of a group trip by sharing information between group travel members, voting on your favorite things to do and places to stay, and sharing links, notes, videos, and more between group members.