planning a trip?

Troupe makes group travel easy

Group texts. Email threads. Google Docs. Endless links.

We all know there’s a lot to keep track of when planning a group trip.

Troupe keeps all your travel details in one place, so your friends can get the info they need, when they need it.

That means you can make group decisions —  like when to travel and where to stay — faster, with greater confidence.

One simple tool

Whether you’re gearing up for a friends trip to Portland or going OOO with coworkers, Troupe brings your group together to decide on all the important details, so you don’t have to do it alone.

Less back-and-forth

Vote on travel dates and housing options, so everyone gets a say. Then set deadlines, send automated reminders, and lock in a plan before you book. Getting everyone to agree on things has never been this easy.

Totally free

It all begins with an idea — a long weekend in Mexico City, your 30th birthday in Palm Springs, finally seeing your favorite band on tour. Whatever the trip, you should spend more time enjoying yourself and less time sweating the details.

All your trips.

All in one place.

Simply log into your Troupe account, create a new trip, and start inviting friends to get the conversation going.

Your group can suggest and vote on when to travel, where to go, and what to do when you’re on the ground. That way everyone knows what they’re signing up for before you even take off.

How Troupe works

We get your group to agree on things faster, so you can move your trip from idea to reality — quickly and efficiently.


Suggest options

Explore different hotel and rental options, pick your favorites, and keep track of everything in one easy-to-manage tool.

Choose your favorites

Vote on which options best suit the group, build consensus, and then finalize the details before booking everything.

Collaborate and plan

Share links, videos, and notes with your group so you can visit everything you want to see once you’re on the ground.

What travelers are saying

“Troupe allowed us to simplify the planning process by centralizing all options and communications in one place. It gives groups a way to collaborate on and comment on different travel-related choices, greatly reducing the need for multiple email follow-ups!”
Faina L., 31, New York, NY

“Troupe has been incredibly effective in helping us plan our 4th of July trip! It solved a lot of our group travel pain points quickly and allowed us to build strong momentum and excitement around the trip by making our group travel plans easy and cost-efficient!”
Tony T., 31, Toronto, Canada

“Troupe’s vote and comment feature helped my notoriously slow-to-plan friend group pick a date for an upcoming golf trip within just a few hours.  Dates are usually the most difficult for us given everyones schedules, but once the dates were set we were quick to book the rest of our trip!”
Archie W., 28, New York, NY