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When you’re talking about the cheapest countries to visit, there are three crucial things to consider. You need to take into account the cost of airfare from your home airport, the cost of accommodations, and the general cost of living at the destination. Generally speaking, the second two tend to go hand in hand, and for some destinations (like Mexico) many travelers may opt for all-inclusive resort stays.

The cheapest countries to visit include:

  • Turkey
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Vietnam
  • Guatemala

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Finding cheap flights to different countries

Since the United States is an incredibly large country, airfare to specific destinations can vary widely based on your region and local airport. For instance, you may find super cheap flight deals from Miami to the Caribbean or from Seattle to Vancouver but not vice versa.

A good way to help narrow down low airfare costs from your home airport is to use online search tools like Google Flights or Skyscanner. With Skyscanner, you can enter your home airport and enter ‘Everywhere’ as the destination. This will show you the cheapest flights to other countries during your travel dates. Google Flights allows you to view a world map with the flight prices from your home airport to different cities around the world. Try entering ‘Europe’ or ‘South America’ as the destination to get started.

Cheapest countries to visit


Istanbul’s airport is a major hub which means you can often find cheap flights from across the United States. Once you arrive, you have your choice of cities, beaches, and incredible nature destinations to explore. Watch the hot air balloons rise with the sun in Cappadocia or wander the seaside city of Antalya.

Expect to pay in Turkey

Accommodations: $40-$60/night for a hotel
Roundtrip flights: $500-$1000 depending on origin
Dinner out: $15-$20/person

colorful hot air balloons over rocks landscape in Cappadocia, Turkey, one of the cheapest countries to visit


Our neighbor to the south is one of the cheapest countries to visit thanks to incredible flight deals from all across the country. Typically, you’ll find the cheapest flights by sticking to the Mexican destinations on the same coast as you. If you’re in California, check out Cabo San Lucas. East coasters will frequently find cheap flights to Cancun where they can explore places like Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, and Isla Mujeres. And Mexico City makes a great, affordable vacation destination for travelers from all over.

Expect to pay in Mexico

Accommodations: Anywhere from $40/night for a hotel in Mexico City to $200/night for an all-inclusive at a beach destination
Roundtrip flights: As little as $150. Around $350 on average.
Dinner out:

bright blue water and white sand by palm tree covered cliffs in Tulum

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Visitors to Colombia have a diverse array of destinations to choose from. City lovers will find their stride in Bogota or Medellin. If you’re looking for time by the sea, head to Cartagena where you can visit smaller islands and beach towns along the Caribbean Coast. The one thing they all have in common? They’re incredibly affordable for travelers.

Expect to pay in Colombia

Accommodations: around $20-$60/night
Roundtrip flights: Around $400
Dinner out: About $10/person

Colombian woman in tradtional clothing with bowls of fruit


What you’re spending on airfare to get to Vietnam, you’ll make up for quickly in the cost of food, accommodations, and entertainment. Vietnam is full of exciting destinations and makes a great choice for first-time visitors to Southeast Asia. Consider spending some time in bustling Ho Chi Minh City before exploring Hanoi, Dan Nang, Phu Quoc, or Hoi An. A boat tour of Ha Long Bay is a can’t-miss experience.

Expect to pay in Vietnam

Accommodations: $30-$50/night
Roundtrip flights: about $800 from most major U.S. airports
Dinner out: $1-$3 street food or $10-$15/person for a nice dinner

street food Vietnam. cheapest countries to visit.


Guatemala is one of the cheapest countries to visit for travelers from the United States because flights are affordable and you’ll frequently great flight deals. Once you arrive, enjoy spending time in the adorable town of Antigua, surrounded by volcanoes. The truly adventurous can hike volcano Acatenango. Those who do will spend the night camping while watching red hot lava spew from nearby Volcan Fuego.

After spending time in Antigua, head to Lake Atitlan where you can relax by the water in any of the numerous lakeside towns, only reachable by water taxis. Lake Atitlan is one of those truly special places on Earth that you won’t want to leave.

Expect to pay in Guatemala

Accommodations: $40-$80/night
Roundtrip flights: $300-$400
Dinner out: $15/person

Guatemala volcano at night with red lava. One of the cheapest countries to visit

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