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Wondering how to plan a bachelorette party and have no idea where to start? You’re not alone.

If you’re the maid of honor for a loved one, that means it’s on you to figure out how to plan a bachelorette party she’ll love.

If you’ve been part of bachelorette party planning before, you’ll know what a nightmare it can be. (Think: endless text and email threads discussing everybody’s availability, where you should go, and how much it’ll cost.)

But planning a bachelorette party doesn’t have to be so complicated. Like with all group trip planning, Troupe makes it simple.

Planning a bachelorette party is as easy as:

  1. Ask pre-planning questions
  2. Create your trip on Troupe
  3. Narrow down possible dates
  4. Add destination choices
  5. Add accommodation options
  6. Plan fun activities
  7. Make any necessary reservations
  8. Buy decorations and fun goodie bags

How to plan a bachelorette party

1. Ask all the important pre-planning questions

Speak with the bride-to-be and get a sense of where she stands on these questions before you start planning:

  • How far are we willing to travel? Driving distance? Direct flights? Connecting flights?
  • What’s the budget? Keep in mind that this isn’t just about the bride-to-be. Be sure to make the budget realistic for everyone that’s coming. If you don’t know what’s realistic to other people, ask!
  • What activities would you like to do? Boozy brunch or long mountain hikes? Morning yoga or museum tours?
  • Are you okay with surprises?
  • Who do you want to invite?

2. Use a group trip planner to make it easy

Head over to where you can quickly and easily create your bachelorette trip on the site, all for free.

Give your trip a name, add a few notes, and choose a fun cover photo of the bride-to-be or your bachelorette crew. Easily invite group members to join the trip by sharing your unique URL or sending an email.

3. Choose possible dates and vote

Speak with the bride-to-be and come up with a handful of possible dates that work best for her. This is also the time to decide how long you want your trip to be. 2 nights? 3 nights? It’s important to consider what time you’ll be arriving and leaving the destinations so have a quick look at flight times if that’s a factor.

Picking dates is one of the most stressful parts of planning group trips. As the trip planner, what are you supposed to do when it comes to accommodating one person over another?

That’s where Troupe comes in. Add all possible dates to your trip and let potential bachelorette party members vote on their preferred weekends. Once everybody’s voted, Troupe will automatically narrow this down to what works best for the most people. Fair is fair!

4. Narrow down your destinations and vote

The main priority in choosing destinations is ensuring they’re places the bride-to-be will enjoy. Discuss with the bride-to-be what she’s looking for out of the trip. A cabin in the woods with plenty of outdoor time or hotel rooms in the middle of a big city perfect for pub crawls?

Be sure to research what the weather will be like at each destination. You don’t want it to rain on your party all weekend

Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to three realistic destinations, put it to a vote! Once everyone in the party has voted, Troupe will let you know the winning destination!

Need inspiration? Check out the best bachelorette party destinations.

5. Vote on your favorite accommodations

Accommodations can make or break a bachelorette party trip. Decide together with the bride if she’d rather have a big rental house or individual hotel rooms. This is key in how to plan a bachelorette party that the bride will love.

Once you’ve narrowed down a few good options, add them to your Troupe trip and let everybody vote on their favorites.

Once you’ve chosen a winner, you can book your stay directly from Troupe.

6. Plan fun activities

Now for the fun part. It’s time to plan activities. You should already have a good idea of what the bride-to-be likes and wants so now is the time to look up the best hikes or must-see attractions at your destination. Consider using Airbnb Experiences for fun, destination-based activities you wouldn’t otherwise think to do.

For some other ideas, check out these fun things to do on vacation.

7. Make any necessary reservations

When it comes to figuring out how to plan a bachelorette party that goes down seamlessly, you can’t overlook the importance of reservations.

Especially with larger groups, it’s good to make as many reservations as you can. But you don’t want to rope yourself into too strict of a schedule. Be sure to leave more time between activities than you think you need.

Consider making bachelorette party reservations for:

  • Brunch/Dinner
  • Winery tours/Brewery tours
  • Any shows (stand-up comedy, burlesque, etc.)
  • Any kind of classes
  • Personal chefs

8. Buy decorations and fun goodie bags for the group

Wondering how to plan a bachelorette party people will remember? You don’t have to spend a bunch of money in order to put together fun, thoughtful gift bags for the bachelorette party guests.

It can be as simple as a hangover kit with single-serving packs of Advil, Emergen-C, mints, a granola bar, and some cute hair ties or clips. If you do want to make them a bit more personalized, head over to Etsy where you can find great bachelorette party gifts. Etsy vendors can make cups with each person’s name, personalized beach bag totes, and loads of other cute favors.

Etsy is also a great place to buy all the fun-shaped drinking straws, party games, banners, and confetti to make the bride-to-be’s hotel room (or your Airbnb/VRBO) feel special.

Plan your bachelorette party now

Ready to get your trip planned and booked? Head over to Troupe to plan your bachelorette party with as little stress as possible.

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