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Mexico City is a massive metropolis with as many personalities as it has neighborhoods. Roma Norte is just one of its small, beautiful enclaves packed with greenery, ambiance-rich eateries, taco stands, eclectic shops, and street art. Home to a hipster crowd of young professionals and some of the world’s best-dressed, Roma Norte is the perfect place to stay in Mexico City.

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Here is a guide to spending a long weekend in Roma Norte:

Where to Stay in Roma Norte

The architecture and interiors in Roma Norte are top-notch. Check out Airbnb to enjoy some authentic Mexico City touches during your Roma Norte stay. In addition to having a wide array of aesthetic and comfortable options, Airbnb also tends to be the most cost-effective option, particularly if you are staying with a group. 

If you’re looking for a hotel in Roma Norte, a few options are:

  • Ignacia Guest House: a lovely bed and breakfast in a 20th-century mansion with homemade Mexican breakfast prepared by Ignacia’s home cooks included.
  • Nima Local House Hotel: a charming, four-bedroom boutique hotel with a plant-happy courtyard and lots of light.
  • Casa Goliana: a top-rated, luxury boutique hotel working with 100% renewable energy 

We’ve put together an itinerary for 3 days in Roma Norte. Of course, feel free to mix and match — there are endless possibilities in this lovely neighborhood.

an open park with kids riding bikes inside an open cement area while people sit on the surrounding ledge. Parque Mexico in Roma Norte

3 days in Roma Norte

Day 1: Get Settled in and Explore the Neighborhood

First things first on day one in Roma Norte. Swing by Cardinal Casa de Cafe and enjoy a delicious coffee.

Wander the streets near the cafe, stopping through Plaza Luis Cabrera where there are often art installations, and make your way to the main drag, Avenida Álvaro Obregón, a good landmark with a tree-shaded walking path in the middle. Pop in some shops, grab a snack or lunch taco at El Gato Volador, and if you need a book, journal, or another coffee, visit Cafebreria (yes, that’s a cafe & bookstore, or libreria, combined) El Péndula Roma

Stop by the Museo del Objeto del Objeto (MODO), a museum in a historic Art Nouveau building that tells stories through artifacts from daily life. Then, make your way to Jardín Pushkin for an afternoon rest, maybe bring a blanket and a book. 

For dinner, wander through the lovely Plaza Río de Janeiro to Marmota, a restaurant where a cozy wood-burning fireplace will invite you in, and the sustainably farmed and caught food will get you hooked.

Have the energy for a nightcap? Follow Orizaba back to Álvaro Obregón and you can’t go wrong finding a bar in Roma Norte to suit your mood. Licorería Limantour can be your destination if nothing else strikes your fancy along the way.

an empty bar in a trendy restaurant set up with wine glasses, tall stools, and ambient hanging overhead lights in Roma Norte
Marmota Restaurant

Day 2: Venture Out to Chapultepec Park

Head out in the morning for breakfast at Lardo, a Mexican-Mediterranean bistro in Condesa, the trendy neighborhood beside Roma Norte. It’s worth the wander, and you’ll enjoy Condesa’s unique beauty along the way. Grab a coffee from the side window while you wait for a table, and be sure to order a selection of pastries for the table. Particularly delicious? The guayaba ricotta roll. 

After breakfast, head over to the famous Bosque de Chapultepec. In and of itself, this famous park is worth the trip, but it’s so large you’ll only be able to tackle a few sections in a given day.

Some great options for museums and attractions within Chapultepec Park are:

  • Museo Nacional de Antropología: Mexico’s museum of anthropology is an exquisite space with the most important archaeological and ethnographic collections in the country. With beautiful artifacts along with descriptive and detailed dioramas, this museum is something special.
  • Museo de Historia Natural: Explore the natural collections of Mexico and the mix of nomenclatures based on varying indigenous ways of describing plants and animals.
  • Castillo de Chapultepec: This historic hilltop castle has great views and is home to the National Museum of History

It might be time to take a rest after a few hours of active learning, so hop in an Uber back to where you’re staying, and maybe grab some tacos on the way at the taco stands around Colima and Merida.

For an upscale, “foodie” dinner experience, try the tasting menu at Máximo Bistrot, where renowned chef Eduardo García is always innovating.

View of trees and a lake in Chapultepec Park with Mexico City's skyscrapers in the background

Day 3: Take in Roma Norte’s Rich Artistic Scene

For your last day in Roma Norte, it’s worth a breakfast visit to the famous and always-packed Panadería Rosetta. Though it’s busy, the wait isn’t usually terribly long, and the baked goods are a delight.

Mexico has an incredibly rich art scene. Spend the day exploring the art at attractions like:

For lunch in Roma Norte, visit Expendio de Maiz, a chef’s favorite spot without a menu or reservations, where you can tell the food is cooked with passion. Their creative dishes reflect the diversity of flavors in different parts of Mexico and are served in a low-key, aesthetic environment.

During your after-lunch wander, pop into a few shops, like Goodbye Folk, with vintage and sustainable fashion, and Naked Boutique, which curates upcycled Mexican artists and brands. Pop into Casa Bosques nearby for a beautifully displayed collection of art books and magazines.

For dinner, head to Roma Norte’s La Docena, a trendy oyster bar and grill with great people watching from the outdoor tables.

If you’re up for a walk after dinner, La Clandestina has a wide selection of mezcals, many of which are artisanal. Beyond the bar, there are candlelit tables in the back rooms where you can enjoy a bit more of a sit-down experience. The walk from La Docena is about 20 minutes, but the route along Avenida Álvaro Obregón gives you many other options to stop in for a nightcap.

two cocktails sit on a dark bar in Roma Norte

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