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There’s nothing quite like a vacation with grandparents. This is true whether you’re traveling with your kids and your parents on a multi-generational trip, or the grandparents are taking the kids on vacation by themselves.

Here are a few of our favorite trip ideas for vacations with grandparents and some of our top tips to help make the most of your time together.

Top ideas for vacations with grandparents

Some of the best vacation ideas for grandparents and grandkids to take together include cruises, all-inclusive resorts, camping, and Disney World.

Take a Cruise

Our favorite idea for a vacation with grandparents? Take a fun-filled cruise with the grandkids. Cruises make it easy for a stress-free vacation since all meals and activities are right at your doorstep. Especially for older grandparents, this takes a lot of the pressure off a trip away with little ones. Find a cruise that caters to children and enjoy the alone time with the grandkids!

All inclusive Resorts

Similarly to cruises, all-inclusive resorts take a lot of the stress out of travel, allowing families to focus on their time together. When you’re just looking for sunshine and beaches, consider finding an all-inclusive in Mexico or the Caribbean. These resorts have plenty of family-friendly activities and food options to satisfy everyone.


For exhausted parents, Disney World might not seem like their first idea of a fun trip with the kids. But when it comes to a vacation with grandparents who have the energy, Disney World is tailor-made for a getaway with the grandkids.

Disney World or Disney Land are a great idea for a multi-generational family trip where grandparents and parents can switch off spending time with the kids, whether it’s in the park or by the pool at the hotel.


We love the idea of camping with grandparents because of its simplicity. You can choose to stay in a rustic cabin, find a cool ‘glamping’ destination, or go full-rugged with your own tents. No matter which level of camping you decide works for you, these trips tend to be a good compromise for everyone.

Check out our favorite ideas for activities on multi-generational trips. Plenty of these activities – like cards, boardgames, easy hikes, and cooking together over an open fire – are perfectly catered to camping trip.

Tips for Grandparents when traveling alone with grandchildren

It can be hard traveling alone with just the grandkids. Here are some tips to make it easier on everyone.

Discuss ground rules with the parents

Talk to their parents first about absolute ‘no can do’ things. This means find out what rules must be enforced and which ones are allowed to be a bit lenient.

To keep younger children from getting confused or anxious, parents should talk to them before they leave about how different adults have different rules and while they’re away with grandma and grandpa they need to follow their rules.

Have a game plan for missing mommy and daddy

With younger children and toddlers, you’re sure to deal with some longing for mom and dad at points during your vacation.

Figure out a game plan for making it a bit easier. Maybe it’ll be better for them to know they’ll talk to mom and dad at dinner time each day. Or maybe they need to know that they can call anytime. Check with their parents to see what works best for everyone when it comes to phone calls while you’re away.

Make memories

A vacation with grandparents will be something kids will remember forever. Help them capture these memories.

Give them each a disposable camera (or an old iPhone or SLR) to use on the trip however they like. Buy a journal for them to write in and record their favorite memories each day. Let them each pick our a souvenir that they can keep forever at some point on the trip. However you decide to capture memories, the grandkids will be sure to cherish them for a lifetime.

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Where can I take my grandkids on vacation?

Some of the best trip ideas for vacations with grandparents include cruises, all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, camping trips, and a trip to Disney World (or Land!).

How do you plan a multi-generational vacation?

Planning a multi-generational vacation is easy with group trip planning apps like Troupe. Troupe allows everyone to access all the information for the trip in one convenient app. You can even vote on your favorite destinations and accommodations!

What does a grandparents need to fly with grandkids?

Letters of permission, insurance cards, and everybody’s valid passports are required for air travel with grandparents and grandkids.