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Everything surrounding marriage has changed drastically in the past century, but one of the coolest new concepts to come out of all the changes is the Familymoon.

The rise of blended families, destination weddings, co-living before marriage, and (of course,) Covid, have changed what weddings and marriages look like. And honeymoons are no exception. 

Whether the newly married couple has children going into the marriage or is living halfway around the world from their family, the Family Honeymoon, or Familymoon, is becoming an increasingly popular trend. 

Top reasons to consider a Familymoon:

  1. You’re having a destination wedding
  2. You rarely get to see your family
  3. You and your fiancé already travel a lot
  4. Why not? You’re all in the same place!
  5. If your families don’t know each other well
  6. Because you eloped
  7. If you have kids

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Different situations to consider a Familymoon

1. If you’re having a destination wedding

Whether you’re getting married at a location neither of you calls home, or if either the bride or groom’s family is traveling for the ceremony, a Familymoon might be a great option.

If you and your spouse are choosing to have a destination wedding, you’re likely only banking on immediate family and close friends making the trip. And for those taking a long car, train, or plane journey, wouldn’t it be nice to let them make a longer vacation out of the whole thing? Plus, if someone is traveling all that way to be with you on your wedding day, surely they’re worth spending more than just a day with. Turn the destination wedding into a fun-filled ceremony, reception, and ‘Friends and Familymoon’ all tied together.

2. If you rarely get to see your family 

If you’re getting married at “home” but you rarely get to spend time with your family for whatever reason, your wedding and Familymoon can be a great excuse to spend valuable time together. Your wedding is a monumental day for your parents as well, so for those that rarely spend time together, a Familymoon can be a great way to let everyone celebrate the marriage for more than just a day. 

3. If you and your fiance already travel together a lot 

Society says you’re supposed to go hideaway at a beachfront resort, just you and your spouse, for a week following your nuptials. But, really… why? Especially for couples that already get significant travel time together, wouldn’t it be nice to prolong the wedding celebrations with the people closest to you? Because honestly, you’re spending the rest of your life with this person. Take a one-year anniversary trip just the two of you instead.

4. Why not? Everyones already in the same place

That leads us to the second point. Your Familymoon doesn’t have to be in some far-flung destination. If you’re getting married in the Bay Area, why don’t you all head to Tahoe for a week of lakeside fun. Tying the knot in New Jersey? Rent a house big enough for the whole family down the shore. It doesn’t have to be extravagant to be memorable for you and your families. 

5. If your families don’t know each other 

This is an important one. If your families are meeting for the first time on your wedding day, or have spent very little time together, a Familymoon with both sides of the family is the perfect time for them to bond. Everyone will be in good spirits and more laidback on a mini-vacation, which is the perfect stress-free time and place to join two (potentially very different) sets of parents and siblings. Organize fun things to do on vacation, like get-to-know-each-other games, to break the ice. 

6. Because you eloped

If you and your partner chose to have a ceremony just the two of you, it might be nice to consider arranging a Familymoon trip to celebrate your nuptials with relatives. It doesn’t have to be immediately after; it can be at any point in the future. Think of it as taking a family vacation in lieu of throwing a one-time ceremony to celebrate your marriage.

7. If you have kids

Why not let your kids join after your wedding? They’re nearly as involved in the new marriage as you and your spouse are. And if you’re bringing the kids along, why not bring the grandparents? Not only can you all bond as a family, but you’ll also have babysitters at your disposal so you and your new spouse can still get plenty of alone time. 

Top Familymoon Destinations

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