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With over 200 islands you can visit, there’s a Greek oasis perfect for all types of relaxing getaways. There are quiet Greek islands like Thasos where you can immerse yourself in forested nature in the morning and spend the afternoon on a white sand beach. Those looking to beach hop between secluded beaches will find their paradise on remote Greek islands like Skopelos.

These quiet Greek islands make the perfect relaxing getaway to combine with a trip to Thessaloniki, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

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These 3 quiet Greek islands are great for a peaceful vacation:

  1. Thasos
  2. Skopelos
  3. Kastellorizo

3 Quiet Greek islands to enjoy

1. Thasos: Great for leisurely exploration

Known as the ‘Emerald Island’, Thasos is located just off the coast of Northeastern Greece. The nearest mainland town, Kavala, has a small airport, but you’ll more likely fly into Thessaloniki, about a 2-hour drive away. It’s recommended to rent a car and drive to the island as there are plenty of hidden spots to explore once you arrive.

Circling the island, you’ll find plenty of tiny coves and long, sandy beaches lined by tavernas. On the interior of the island, it’s mainly lush green forests with great hiking opportunities. The island is familiar with tourism but still retains a strong sense of local life. The leisurely vibe and hidden beaches make Thasos perfect for those looking for a quiet Greek island escape.

Must visit: The Archaeological site of Alyki. 2000-year-old ancient ruins including a marble quarry with views over the sea.

Must do: Choose a hiking trail in the foothills of Mt. Ipsarion or tackle the 7.5-mile hike to the summit.

Best beach: Marmara Beach’s bright white marble sands contrast with a stunning turquoise sea to resemble The Maldives.

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2. Skopelos: Uncrowded, unbelievably beautiful beaches

Often considered the greenest island in Greece, Skopelos is part of the Sporades Islands. You can reach it by flying into the airport on neighboring island Skiathos, or the nearest mainland port, Volos.

You’ll find plenty of family-run guesthouses all over the island, perfect for a relaxing stay. Wake up in the mornings to fresh Greek yogurt complete with local honey and fruits waiting for you under an olive tree. Renting a car on Skopelos is a great idea. The windy, mountain roads are perfect for leisurely, scenic drives. You’ll find plenty of options for uncrowded beaches all around the island. Relaxing on the sand in Skopelos, the scent of the forest pine trees mingles with the salty ocean air. It’s hard to find a more relaxing vibe anywhere.

In addition to the amazing beaches, you’ll find ancient monasteries, cliffside churches (made famous from Mamma Mia), vineyards, and delicious restaurants.

Best Beaches: Sporades, Stafylos, and Kastani. (And so many more.)

Where to stay: Adrina Beach Hotel. From most of the rooms, you’ll have stunning views over the turquoise sea. Divers can enjoy the hotel’s dive center where PADI professionals will take you on cliff, cavern, and wreck dives.

Must eat: In Skopelos Town, you can’t miss the chance to dine at family-owned Finikas Restaurant for authentic Greek cuisine made using local ingredients.

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3. Kastellorizo: Laidback sightseeing

The most remote of the Greek islands, Kastellorizo is a tiny oasis where life is all about enjoying fresh seafood and sunshine. Climb up a mountain to enjoy views of the island from a monastery. Otherwise, get your scuba gear on and explore the country’s biggest underwater cave in the royal blue waters off the coast. Kastellorizo is not even half a mile off the coast of Turkey and you can easily pop over to visit for a day.

Kastellorizo is the place to go if you’re looking for quiet Greek islands that still have plenty to see and do, at your own speed of course. Castles, tombs, ancient churches, and a museum full of artifacts from Byzantine times are just some of the options for activities here. Otherwise, simply enjoy the beautiful harbor and vividly painted houses that make this island unique.

Must do: Take a leisurely walk around Kastellorizo Town and enjoy the colorful amphitheater-style houses, picturesque harbor, and narrow cobblestone alleyways.

For some adventure: If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, Kastellorizo has great options for cliff diving around the island.

To mix it up: Pop over to Kas, Turkey for a day as it’s just over a mile across the water.

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